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Can Lluis

Discover and live the real Catalonia. In the hinterland of the Costa Brava, in an almost Arcadian landscape, you will find a totaly restored farmhouse Can Lluís.
Can Lluís has two apartments, one holiday home and a wooden roulotte. Here you will find a tranquill space in a comfortable entourage. Here you can still enjoy the real Catalan country life.
Can Lluís is situated two kilometers outside of the village Cistella, on a hill on 240 mtrs. height with marvellous views all around. Towards the east you will see the castle of Vilaritg, to the west the Pyrenees and towards the south you can see the Mediterranean.

In the nighttime you can see the sky full of stars!

Can Lluis

apartements, B & B, common areas, pool


2,2 km outside the village
at 240 mtr. height
25 km from the beach
45 km from Girona
12 km fromFigueras
120 km from Barcelona


fully autonomous
energy by solar panels
everything as ecologically as possible


275 inhabitans
shop “El Trull” from Montse & Lydia
bar restaurant Centre Civic
central square with terraces


at the GR-2
several walking- and hiking- en BTT routes
nearby roads A7 and N II

La Cistella — PG-000617

El Trull — PG-000846

La Vista — PG-000886

El Rodamón

energy, solar panels, water and wifi

We generate electricity through solar panels and we store it in large batteries. After it is converted to 220 V. For the times when no or insufficient sun we catch it with a generator.
We obtain water from a well and rainwater harvesting. This is stored in a reservoir, here, the water is filtered and decalcified before it enters the houses. For drainage biological septic tanks are installed. The post we pick up in the village and the waste we have to drop off himself. There are bins and we do have a compost heap.
So we are fully autonomous.

Fortunately we do have WIFI and this is put at the disposal of our guests.
Furthermore, we face all kinds of herbs in the garden that can be picked for personal use, such as rosemary, thyme, sage, laurel and lavender.