El Rodamon

El Rodamón means vagabond, rover.
What could possibly be nicer to stay in then a new built wooden gypsy wagon in an olive grove? An unforgettable fun experience with great sense of freedom, but with the comfort of today. A good bed, shower and toilet, an equipped
outdoor kitchen, terrace and beautiful views.
El Rodamón, can be extended with “El Capitàn”, a wagon with a bed, table and wardrobe, suitable for two children.
The Rodamón & Capitàn combination is suitable for a family of 4.

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features El Rodamón

  • detached on wheels
  • completely isolated
  • shower and toilet in the wagon
  • kitchen with second shower and toilet in little cabin next to the wagon
  • suitable from 1 to 4 persons
  • 2e wagon “El Capitàn” nearby